Types of Cuckold/Horn

You want to start researching about the Cuckold topic and the types of horns that are out there maybe even to define your deal, then you need to read this text.

For those who don’t know Cuckold is one of the biggest fetishes of Brazilians and has become increasingly popular, this fetish consists of a man being a cuckold, but it’s not a betrayal, he likes to see his wife who is called Hot Wife with another man , the Bull that is usually chosen by the couple, all done in common agreement.


We cannot generalize, as agreements are made in different ways by each couple that vary because of their fetishes and boundaries.


This one is our beautiful table explaining about the types of Cuckold, who are basically the ones who participate, who look, who wait and with some other fetishes, after the photo a brief explanation of each one of them.

Cuckold waiting


The waiting cuckold is the kind of cuckold who helps choose a partner, puts the rules together with his wife, but doesn’t participate in sex in any way, sometimes he might want to watch videos and photos or wait for her to arrive and tell her what happened , for him to wait and imagine how the bull is eating his wife is already very good.


Cuckold Voyer


The Voyer cuckold is the one who likes to see a woman being eaten by one or more men and this is her fetish, just look, of course there can be a curse and humiliation will depend on each fetish and agreement made previously.


Cuckold Participating


The Cuckold who Participates, his participation can happen being humiliated or not by the lover, also the cuckold who is bisexual who ends up interacting with the lover and the most common one who participates, but has interaction only with his wife.


Cuckold Submissive


Here you can fit the cuckold that likes to be cursing, the cuckold that wears a chastity belt, the Sissy cuckold and other fetishes that involve humiliation, submission, sadism or all of that together.


Here are some of the more common ones, of course every couple will fit into a type according to their fetishes and personal arrangements.


We cannot generalize, as agreements are made in different ways by each couple that vary because of their fetishes and boundaries. The same horn position.


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