Sexual Position shown in the SexLife series can provide more pleasure. We introduce you CAT

The NetFlix series was famous for having a lot of hot sex scenes, but one of it caught a lot of attention that it’s CAT, which is actually a well-known technique in the area of sexology.

In the Sex Life series what is most apparent are sexual positions and very hot scenes, but one in particular caught the public’s attention, which was the Coital Alignment Technique, which we’ll just call CAT, which is how it’s known. Billie’s refers to CAT as a position that provides maximum connection both physical and emotional, so far we agree very well, but she says it’s very difficult to do here, that’s what we don’t agree with so much, in fact the technique is simple to do and let’s go teach you.


The CAT stimulation technique was developed by psychotherapist Edward Eichel to help women who cannot orgasm with penetration, which represents more than 70% of women, because the vaginal canal has less sensitivity, so to have pleasure it is necessary to stimulate the clitoris and it is possible to reach it through the vagina, this is because the organ has an internal part that is wrapped in the vaginal canal.


In the image on the side, we see the clitoris in gray and also the vagina channel, notice that the clitoral bulbs are more up, to reach it through the vagina, the fingers must be placed upwards towards the person’s navel, keep this information for masturbation and also for the for the CAT.






What changes the most in this position is the movement, so instead of the famous in and out, here the movements are circular, so when penetrating the penis in the vagina, make a movement putting it higher.


Here we have the famous dad and mom moves, we talk about how to get in and out and down the CAT, notice the difference.





In the CAT position the man must position his hips up and make circular movements and up and down as in the gif on the side, the woman will feel a strong sensation. Most importantly don’t be in a hurry, make moves and intersperse with stops.






And you know, if there is any doubt, write to us that we will help you.


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